Are you interested in having Salvage Surf and Skate manufacture boards for you?

  • If you have a surfboard or SUP shape in any length, we can manufacture boards for your company with full industrial scalability
  • Our 90% robotic process assures speed, 100% quality assurance and reasonable pricing
  • We are proud to manufacture ecological boards in the EU, using European hard and soft woods to build durable (and we think) beautiful products
  • Our boards have the lowest Co2 output and lowest environmental impact of any manufacturer process worldwide.

How we manufacture our boards:

Without going into detail regarding the proprietary industrial process we have developed, we can describe our manufacturing process as follows:

  • Hard and softwood trees are ecologically harvested.
  • We are proud to manufacture ecological boards in the EU, using hard and soft woods to build durable (and we think) beautiful products.
  • For the micro laminates for the frames and decks, we cut wood veneer from logs that have been steamed for several days.
  • The veneer is kiln dried and glued
  • For the surfboard bottom and top decks we use heat and pressure in a large mold to shape the decks to the form we need.
  • The more complex shapes (rails, nose) are automatically CNC milled.
  • The frame is laser cut and inserted between the decks.
  • The decks and frame are glued with high strength adhesive, forming a very strong and light hollow wooden surfboard.
  • After the surfboards are glassed using Entropy Epoxy glass only for waterproofing the board.
  • This process allows us 100% scalability and accuracy with practically no variation in quality of the finished product.

Our turn key service offering for board manufacturing:

  • Laser scanning of surf board or SUP if no CAD data available
  • Data correction and harmonization (no foam boards, even CNC milled boards, are 100 % accurate, but our boards are 100% accurate in shape and form)
  • Engineering of internal wooden structure of the surf board
  • Weight and cost optimization
  • Supporting customers with their choice of type of wood veneer of boards for a wide range of textures, colors and appearances
  • Manufacturing of press (each shape requires a shape specific mold for pressing)
  • Robotic machining of wood with end to end manufacturing capability
  • Prototype testing
  • Glassing if required, or you can glass boards with the glasser of your choice
  • Packing
  • Shipping brokerage
  • Please note that we do not copy shapers boards unless our client has closed a licensing agreement with that shaper, or can provide proof that the board is their own shape. We support shapers intellectual property rights and recognize their creative contribution to the surf industry.