Beech Surfboards

  • Hollow wooden board made from Ash, Pine, Beech trees and other sustainable woods
  • Robust enough to last a life time with a weight similar to foam boards
  • We use no foam, lowest Co2 and best ecological footprint possible

Introducing Beech Surfboards

Beech Surfboards is a hollow wooden surf board manufactured in the EU.

Our wooden version of the 7’4’ Magic Carpet features the following:

  • The Magic Carpet paddles like a longboard but can perform high speed turns, is highly maneuverable, fun and can still duck-dive under waves.
  • The 7’4’ Magic Carpet is shaped by California shaper Kevin Connelly and licensed to our company by Nineplus Limited LLC.
  • Dimensions: 7’4’ x 22’ x 3’
  • High performance proven shape that performs in all surf up to 8 foot.
  • The bottom of the board has two channels blending to one near the rear fin.
  • The Magic Carpet is offered with three FCS 2 fin boxes and can be used as a single fin or three fin set up.
  • Each board’s wood surface is different than the next, as we use only natural wood veneers; your board will always be unique. You can choose between an earth-blue or space-black Beech logo.
  • Gore-Tex Air vents and a heavy duty leash plug are standard.
  • Ecological hollow wooden board made from Ash, Pine, Beech and other sustainable woods. We use no foam at all.
  • As the board is hollow, it has much more floatation than a foam board and paddles very well.
  • The boards are glassed with Entropy Bio-Epoxy and 2.6 Oz. fiberglass cloth.
  • The board is very robust and with proper care you can use it a lifetime.
  • Lowest Co2 and best ecological footprint of any board made, period.

How we build our boards:

Our boards are built using hard and softwood veneers in the best possible mixture.
For a more details regarding the process read more here.

We’ll be also offering the following boards / shapes soon, all shaped by the best California shapers in the business:

  • 6’9 Performance Quad-fin high volume Fish for most days.
  • 9’2 Performance Trimmer for the big days.

We prefer if you order your Beech Surfboard from one of our partner surf shops directly.
However, if you don’t live near one of our partner surf shops, we can deliver your board directly:

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