Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions:

  • By your clicking on the confirmation box in our online shop, you agree to our terms and conditions regarding your order, payment, delivery, usage of the product, product guarantee and court of law.


  • Orders are non-refundable and a commitment to final purchase
  • Exchanges can be made for reasons of provable manufacturing defects
  • The person making the orders confirm he / she has the right to make the order and is at least 18 years of age
  • The goods ordered remain the property of Salvage Surf and Skate till final payment


  • Payment is by bank transfer or cash payment only.
  • We do not currently accept credit cards, checks or PayPal.
  • It is the duty and responsibility of the person or shop to pay their respective VAT and Import Duty costs.


  • The transfer of ownership of the goods from Salvage Surf and Skate to the customer is when the goods have left our place of business when they are shipped. Therefore we strongly recommend insuring your shipment.
  • Deliveries are made by surface delivery. We can provide you with a tracking number if requested.
  • You can save yourself shipping costs by ordering our boards from your local surf or skate shop. Support your local shops and you support your scene.

Usage of the product:

  • Salvage Surf and Skate assume no responsibility for improper use of the products it sells.
  • The customer accepts, by accepting our terms and conditions, a full waiver of Salvage Surf and Skate’s responsibility for death or injury through using our products.
  • The sole responsibility regarding health and safety of the user / customer is themselves.
  • Surfing, Skating and Bodysurfing can be highly dangerous if the user of the product misuses the product or performs the aforementioned activities above their skill level.
  • Think before you act, seek instruction when in doubt, and stay safe!

Product Guarantee:

  • We guarantee or products against manufacturing defects but not through breakage through misuse.

Court of Law:

  • For any disputes arising from this order, the court of law is Schaffhausen, Switzerland.