Do you own or manage a retail shop?

  • Beech Surfboards has a large network of retail surf shops that distribute our eco-friendly products. We would be happy to collaborate with your shop as well.
  • We work with surf, skate and outdoor retailers world-wide.

How we manufacture our boards:

Without going into detail regarding the proprietary industrial process we have developed, we can describe our manufacturing process as follows:

  • Hard and softwood trees are ecologically harvested.
  • We are proud to manufacture ecological boards in the EU, using hard and soft woods to build durable (and we think) beautiful products.
  • For the micro laminates for the frames and decks, we cut wood veneer from logs that have been steamed for several days.
  • The veneer is kiln dried and glued
  • For the surfboard bottom and top decks we use heat and pressure in a large mold to shape the decks to the form we need.
  • The more complex shapes (rails, nose) are automatically CNC milled.
  • The frame is laser cut and inserted between the decks.
  • The decks and frame are glued with high strength adhesive, forming a very strong and light hollow wooden surfboard.
  • After the surfboards are glassed using Entropy Epoxy glass only for waterproofing the board.
  • This process allows us 100% scalability and accuracy with practically no variation in quality of the finished product.